Rachel Bublitz


Jun 21, 2017

Out For Adventures!

Three koalas in a tree.

I’m going out in the world for adventures! For the next three days I’ll be up at a lake with friends, and then Saturday my husband and I leave for AUSTRALIA! YES, THE COUNTRY! We haven’t had a trip without our two adorable/demanding children since, well ever, and as they’re nine and seven, that’s far too long. Well we once got a weekend in Napa, but I got both strep throat AND an ear infection, so it was less than fun.

But Australia is going to be great! I mean, it has to be better than getting an ear infection and strep throat at once, right? How about this, I’ll go, find out, and report back. I wouldn’t want this heated debate to have to continue any longer than it has to.

I’ll be back in early July, if you need me before then, you’ll have to wait!