Rachel Bublitz


CHEERLEADERS VS ALIENS Workshop With The Egyptian Youtheatre Kicks Off Monday

July 7, 2017

Just saved and sent out draft two of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS! And thank God because Monday will kick off the five day workshop with the Egyptian Youtheatre! I met with my director Alicia Washington, and my dramaturg Megan Crivello (I feel very fancy to have director AND dramaturg!) to brain storm about the week and I am EXCITED about our plan. The workshop will also serve as a summer camp for high school and middle school students, and so we're dividing our time between teaching the kids about the different aspects of new play development AND the actual developing of a new play. MY play. It is amazing. The script is fun and snappy and this draft has more glitter and sprinkles which makes me smile. I can't wait to hear it in a voice that's not mine and to dig into this fun and crazy world I created. Cheerleaders save Earth from brain sucking aliens, guys, how could it not be amazing?

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