Rachel Bublitz



July 28, 2017

The summer train of theater can't stop. It won't stop. Up next I have a table read of my very favorite witch-y comedy MOMMY DANCES WITH THE DEVIL at the Plan-B Theatre Lab. This play is fun and silly and pokes fun at how horrible and hard and isolating being a stay at home mom can be. It also has five great and funny roles for women, because guess what? Women are great and funny. I can't wait to dive back into this play, originally commissioned by PlayGround, get feedback from my new local playwright pals, and tinker around in its bizarre and magical.

A few months ago the play was pushed back into my brain when I overheard the craziest conversation between two moms at the park, which went something like this:

Mom 1: Oh hey! You had your baby!

Mom 2: Yeah, he's great.

Mom 1: So cute! How are you holding up?

Mom 2: Great! So great. But it's also hard. Like, really hard. Like, I don't know how anyone does this, ha ha!

Mom 1: I know! I have three kids under the age of four right now and sometimes I just want to die!

Mom 2: Right? I want to die all the time and I only have the two kids!

Mom 1: You'd think it wouldn't be this hard.

Mom 2: I know! Why is this so hard?

Mom 1: I have no idea… But they're great too. So great.

Mom 2: Absolutely. Great. Really great.

Then one of their kids had a meltdown and they had to separate. That little scene cemented for me why I really want to see MOMMY DANCES WITH THE DEVIL produced here in Salt Lake, and why I selected it as the first play I'd share in the Plan-B Lab. Here's to hoping this table read pushes it along!

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