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Breaking Pages On HAPPILY My Next Full-Length Play For The Year!

August 4, 2017

Rewind back to 2016. I just moved here to Salt Lake, and I got real life office for the first time. This new development made me feel like I should push myself, after all I now had beautiful and amazing space. Space WITH a door. A door that I could LOCK. No more packing up my computer, notebook, note cards, research books, and whatever else I needed to work when it was time to eat dinner. Now all of that could live forever and ever on my desk. And so I thought to myself, “How can I push myself? What haven't I done? I guess I've never written six new full length plays in a year….” Flash forward to now. I just broke pages on my FOURTH full length play for the year. So far I've busted out at a first draft for NO MAP, and quite a few drafts of both LET'S FIX ANDY, and CHEERLEADERS VS ALIENS, and both LET'S FIX ANDY and CHEERLEADERS VS ALIENS have found homes for early productions and/or workshops. But there's no use in patting myself on the back that much, I've still got three more plays to write.

My next play, HAPPILY, will contain a ton of fantasy and pretend, a heaping dose of sisters, qualms over how adulthood, and hopefully a ton of laughs. I'm writing HAPPILY for Quantum Dragon Theatre‘s 2017 Froge, a new play development program which offers each playwright the opportunity to a closed table reading as well as a public staged reading! These readings are happening soon, next month for the table read, and sometime around December for the staged reading… Which means, I've got a lot of work to do. So, thanks for checking in, but I need to lock myself in my office for a while and get this first draft done. Happy Friday everyone!

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