Rachel Bublitz


Aug 31, 2017

August Submission Tally

It’s the end of the month! August has been packed full of new drafts, rewrites, syllabi, and class prep, but I tried to send out as many submissions as I could. With all I did this month I’m thinking instead of sleep walking I slept-submitted. If that’s not a thing I do, I sure hope I can trick my brain into starting. ANYway, even though August kept me busy busy busy, I sent off 33 submissions this month! Which isn’t ground breaking, but it keeps me over a submission a day, AND adding that to my yearly total I’m all the way up to 271 submissions for the year! I’m hoping I’m a submission overachiever next month and I can bring my total up to 300 before October. And with submission season starting I don’t think that will be too hard but we shall see… I’d hate to tempt fate.

Anyway, happy end of August and happy almost September! And happy submitting!