Rachel Bublitz


RIPPED Cast And Update

October 9, 2017

Just got an email updating me on The Owl And Cat Theatre‘s developmental production of RIPPED down in Melbourne, Australia. The run has been shortened to add in more rehearsal time. RIPPED will now run for two weeks, from October 25th - November 4th. AND, in case you happen to the be in Melbourne, here's the link for tickets (because tickets are now on sale!): https://www.owlandcat.com.au/ripped.

Now to the much, much, much more exciting news……… THERE IS A CAST! Looking over their work, I am so pumped to have these artists dive into my characters to help me develop this script. And here they are:

Shannon Berry will play the role of Lucy.

Picture of actor Shannon Berry.

Rhys Hamlyn will play the role of Jared.

Picture of actor Rhys Hamlyn.

And Jack Dixon-Gunn will play the role of Bradley.

Picture of actor Jack Dixon-Gunn.

Check back for more info, as I'll be posting more pictures and other things as we get closer to opening night. And if you're in the area, please, please, please see the show for me! I feel like I'm missing one of my kids’ major life events missing the run of this play, but I'm hoping this is only the beginning for RIPPED.

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