Rachel Bublitz


First Draft of BURST Complete

October 26, 2017

Just wrote my very favorite part of any new play: END OF PLAY! That means I've completed a first draft of FIVE new plays in 2017! One more to hit my crazy goal. And it couldn't come a moment later, as I'm in the middle of putting together a reading of this new play when I leave tomorrow for the Bay Area. Phew! In just under the wire. It does what I set out to do in the sense that it's about the falling apart of a person and a company, and that it takes place in one continuous scene. I guess I'll find out on Sunday if anything I tried to do is working! And then of course will be the grand task of re-writing! Oh the joy of new work. For now I think a nap, a walk, or a piece of pie is in order. OR, if I'm very lucky, all three. Happy Thursday everyone!

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