Rachel Bublitz


Nov 10, 2017

Busy Busy Bee

Guys, there are only 51 days left in the year. My docket of things to crank out includes:

  • My last new full-length play of the year.
  • New drafts of: Mommy Dances With The Devil, for a table read with Plan B Theatre next month, HAPPILY, for a staged reading with Quantum Dragon Theatre sometime in January, Burst, for upcoming submissions, and probably/maybe Cheerleaders VS Aliens after a reading of the current draft and chats with the designers for the Egyptian Youtheatre Production coming up next year. These are all full-length plays by the way.
  • My final month of teaching both Intro to Acting and Intro to Theatre at Weber, which will include lots of grading, six-ish more plays to read, and one last exam to create/write.
  • Reading all the things from people I’ve promised to read and give feedback on - if you fall into this category, I got you and I’m working on it, I promise.
  • Getting to 400 submission for my submission-mission (PS As of today I’m only 16 submissions shy!!!).
  • Figure out my 2018 schedule and goals and writing projects (one of my favorite activities).
  • Annnnnd being a person for my family for the holidays, which mostly includes baking pies and cookies, and not having my face stuck in front of my computer and/or scripts.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I think that just about covers it… I’m also hoping to get all of the above done before December 20th so I can leave my computer at home while I head off to California for Christmas. Wish me luck and vigilance and fortitude because I’m gonna need it!