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Submission Mission Countdown: Submissions 393, 394, and 395!

November 27, 2017

My submission train slowed a little over the holiday, but it's chugging back to it's normal pace now! I just sent off submissions 393, 394, and 395! Getting very very close.

Submission #393 was sent off to T. Schreiber Studio for their Schreiber Shorts. There's a $5 fee, which I'm not a fan of, but I'm a complicated human being who makes contrary choices some times. Their theme was: ESCAPE, and I sent them my ten-minute play EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. If you're interested in throwing a play their way, the deadline is coming up on November 30th, so get on it!

For submission #394, I sent my full-length play RIPPED to Everyday Inferno Theatre Company. They accept scripts year round, and are looking for production-ready plays that are at least sixty pages with strong and central female characters. They're also interested in casts that are primarily young and have a multitude of meaty female roles.

And to round off my evening, submission #395 was of my twenty minute one-act play TOXIC to Creative Circuit Studios. They want scripts no longer than thirty minutes by January 5th, 2018, to be considered for their In the Moment One Act Series.

So that's that. Five away. I'm going to make the best batch of cookies for myself when I'm done…

Happy Monday everyone!

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