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Submission Mission Countdown: Submission 397

November 30, 2017

ALMOST THERE! This morning I sent of submission number 397!!! I submitted RIPPED to Druid Theatre in Galway, Ireland, they're taking full-length and one-act scripts through today. They want original scripts in English, and accept international submissions. On their website I couldn't find a mission with more specifics of the type of plays they're looking for, but looking at their production history gave me some hints. I found this opportunity through the always helpful NYC Playwrights Blog, which I can't recommend enough for finding playwriting opportunities.

In other news, I made my deadline for a new draft of MOMMY DANCES WITH THE DEVIL, thank you very much! It'll be read next month in the Plan-B Theatre Lab and I can't wait! This draft is almost completely rewritten from when I heard the play last August. Plays they are a changin’! And, if you're curious, you can read the newest draft on my New Play Exchange page here!

And as usual, if you're reading this through Facebook and missing all my tasty links, click on through to my website.

Happy last day of November everyone!

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