Rachel Bublitz


Submission Mission Complete!!!!!

December 3, 2017

I sent out FIVE scripts this afternoons which means that I have OFFICIALLY COMPLETED MY 2017 SUBMISSION MISSION! WOO!

A friend of mine was requesting plays on facebook for the university she works for, and she wanted scripts with a majority female and multi-racial cast. I sent MOMMY DANCES WITH THE DEVIL, CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS, and ONCE A SPY her way. BUT what's also super cool is that when I told her about the plays on her post, an artistic director reached out to me because he was also interested in reading MOMMY DANCES WITH THE DEVIL and CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS! Adding those five submissions to my total for the year, and I'm over by 2! 402 plays submitted SO far this year, and I don't plan to slow down this month. To see how much I get past my goal, you'll have to check back after the first of the year.

Now to get my sixth and final full-length play written for the year and then I'll have hit both of my crazy goals of the year! Almost time to figure out some crazy ideas for 2018…

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