Rachel Bublitz


2018 Submission Mission

January 5, 2018

There's a lot I can't control as a playwright, I always think about that when I'm considering my goals for the coming year. While it's tempting to have a production specific goal, that's one of the many things I don't have a say in, unless I start self-producing. What I do have a say in though, is how many scripts I'm sending out each year… I sent out 416 submissions last year, which was a record for me and my submission mission for 2018 is to break that record yet again. I'm going to do that by submitting at least 450 times over the next 12 months. To succeed in this mission I will need to submit an average of 37.5 times a month. Can I do it? Are there even that many theater opportunities out there in the world? Guess we're gonna find out!

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