Rachel Bublitz



January 12, 2018

Oh gosh, you guys, it's only been a little over a year since I pitched the play CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS to Jamie Wilcox, the artistic director of the Egyptian Youtheatre, about seven months since I sent the first draft her way, six months from our week-long workshop over the summer, AND TOMORROW WE HOLD AUDITIONS FOR THE WORLD PREMIERE PRODUCTION! This play was my first commission with a guaranteed production, and at every step of the way I tried my hardest not to take that for granted. I CANNOT WAIT to sit in a room with Jamie, and my director for the show Alicia Washington, the artistic director of Good Company Theatre, and see all the talented folks who've signed up to audition. Because after that we get to cast the show! And then we get to have rehearsals! I don't know who's more excited about this, me or my kids, to be honest. They came up for a reading of the play last month, and talk about it all the time. My son even drew a few costume sketches for the aliens. Luckily for all of us, the wait is almost over!

CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS opens May 10th at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah, and runs through May 12th. A short run I know, which means you need to plan your life all that more carefully to be sure you don't miss it. In the now time, the before you have the chance to see the play time, read all about CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS on the Egyptian Youtheatre's website (and if you're on facebook, click through to my website in order to click through on that link).

Happy Friday everyone!

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