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365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project Is Looking For Playwrights

January 22, 2018

Hey there! Are you a playwright or someone who's potentially interested in writing plays? Well then, I'm here to tell you that 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project is looking for you! What the heck is 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project, you wonder? Well…

"This international playwriting project involves over 300 playwrights who have signed on to write one or more one-acts about extraordinary women in both past and present history. The project’s ambitious yet focused goal is to write women back into the social consciousness as well as empower and promote female playwrights around the world.

What seemed like an unattainable goal became a reality when Jess Eisenberg decided that she couldn’t do a project this size alone. She brought on her dear friend, Gina Scanlon, and together they began to write. After some small scale calls for playwrights, the numbers quickly grew and grew. The dedicated playwrights plan to continue this project every year, with a new list of 365 women in history.”

And right now they're taking claims from playwrights for the 2018 plays. I just sent in two! And what makes this year different than other years is it's the first year that you can select a woman from history that's already been written about. If you're looking for women that have yet to be covered, never fear, on the 2018 information page there's a list of yet-to-be-written-about women. They're particularly interested in women not from Europe or the United States that lived before the 1700s. Once you fill out your claim, you wait a week to a week and a half for confirmation, and once you've got that, you're off to the races! You have until December 31, 2018 to complete and send in your work.

While this project isn't a producing company, they're promoting work about women and it's a great way to engage with new people within our global theater community. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get approval for my two claims, and will keep you informed if/when I do. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Head on over to www.365womenayear.wordpress.com and get your historical women play on!

Happy Monday and happy writing everyone!

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