Rachel Bublitz


I Am Bad At Waiting

January 30, 2018

I am bad at waiting. Patience is not one of my special skills. And I realize that my life would be better if I could just relax and let the things I'm waiting on happen when they happen, but I just can't. I'm supposed to be finding out by tomorrow if I'm in a festival, and I really really want in.

(Break to check email - nothing new.)

Experience has taught me that even though I was told that tomorrow would be the day they'd let me know for sure, it could still be weeks before I get that email. I should be understanding. I should put it out of my mind. I should just go about my business and work. I've got plenty of other projects to distract me, BUT I can never concentrate well enough to pull off doing much while waiting on big things. Writing is hard when you leave final draft every second to check for new emails.

(Break to check email - YES A NEW EMAIL - oh crap, it's just spam.)

In a month I probably lose two to three days because of my horrible waiting abilities. My only saving grace is that I can always submit plays while waiting. Submissions take up a much less of my brain, and so while most of my brain is worrying and waiting, I can go through the familiar steps of sending samples, artistic statements, and synopses all over the place. And, well timed for this waiting funk, I just got my Dramatists Guild Resource Directory in the mail. A small saving grace, as I really should be writing, but I'll take it.

(Break to check email - dang… Nothing new.)

Okay, time to dive in and get my #submissionmission on.

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