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CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS Read Through With The Cast AND Tickets!

February 10, 2018

Picture of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS cast at read through. (Photo of my massive CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS cast gearing up for our first read through)

I drove up to Park City this morning for the first cast read through of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS! And let me tell you, they are KILLER. I got goose bumps hearing it, and those bumps just got bigger and bigger as we heard from the director (Alicia Washington) and producer (Jamie Wilcox) of the show after. THE SHOW IS GOING TO BE SO GREAT! OH MAN!

Here's the sneakiest of sneak peeks… A little video of our intrepid sci-fi obsessed hero Gilda, convincing the cheer squad to help her defeat the aliens:

AND AND AND! Tickets are on sale! And you should buy one or ten or a hundred, because the show WILL 100% sell out. Here's the link for tickets: CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS World Premiere Tickets!

The show runs:

So buy your tickets, watch the little clip, and stock up on tinfoil because aliens are invading soooooooon!

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