Rachel Bublitz



February 12, 2018

CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS art. (Promotional CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS image by Sarah Garrett)

Eeeeeeeeeeee! CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS had its first cast read through on Saturday, tickets are now on sale, and I now there's promotional art ready for the show! It is all just SO FREAKIN’ EXCITING!

I'm telling you, May can't come soon enough. But luckily there's a poster and promo photos in the works which should slightly help in the wait. And, if you're that curious about the play, feel free to download the latest draft on my New Play Exchange page! I've already gotten one great recommendation for the play:

"You have to love a play where the football players are the victims and the cheerleaders are their saviors. There's a lot of silliness combined with teen-speak, snarky dialogue that perfectly captures the teen spirit. I loved the constant element of surprise that awaited me with every page turn. Bublitz deftly steers away from the jock/mean girl stereotype that often peppers these plays and offers us some real teens: warts and all. The play is a wonderful tin-foil romp through the stars. Teen performers and young audiences will love this.” - Claudia Haas

Stay tuned for more, because more is on its way!

Happy Monday everyone!

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