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All The Theater!

February 16, 2018

I'm about to enter into a theater hurricane of my own making. IT'S GONNA RAIN THEATER GUYS! Not really, but it feels like that looking over my schedule for the next few weeks…

Tonight I'm catching opening night of the world premiere production of “i” by Jeff Talbott at Pioneer Theatre Company.

Tomorrow I'm doubling up with a morning puppet workshop with Puppets in the City and Plan-B Theatre Company (you guys, PUPPETS!) and then the monthly Plan-B Writers Lab.

Sunday I'm flying out for the KCACTF Region 7 Conference up in Spokane, Washington! My husband is coming back from a conference that day from Washington, DC, and we get to spend a whole HOUR together in the airport as long as his flight isn't delayed at all. Real romance folks.

Monday through Friday of next week I'll be at the conference, where my 10-minute play MY BODY is having a staged reading (which is being directed by the Artistic Director of the Wyoming Theater Festival, DannyLee Hodnett!!), and my week will be packed with auditions, rehearsals, workshops, a whole mess of readings (including a reading of Steve Yockey‘s new play TO TOKYO AND THE MOON), productions, meeting tons and tons of new people, and a keynote address by Hakim Bellamy! It's all very exciting.

I come back painfully early Saturday, and I'm trying my hardest to keep my schedule clear for that day and Sunday so I can sleep and hug my children.

Monday through Thursday (we're in the last week of February/first week of March now) I'll be getting my play ONCE A SPY ready for my staged reading with 20% Theatre Company Chicago, breaking only to eat, drop off/collect children, and to see opening night of the world premiere production of THE WEIRD PLAY by Jenifer Nii at Plan-B Theatre March 1st!

The whole family leaves Friday, March 2nd for much needed family times and breathing.

We get home March 4th, and then I leave three days later for Chicago….

Like I said, alllllll the theater! I am going to take the most fabulous nap when all of this is done. Or maybe I'll just sleep on all the plane rides.

Theater adventure time GO!

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