Rachel Bublitz


February Submission Mission Total

March 1, 2018

Oh hey, it's the first day of March, the perfect time to look back at February and see how I'm doing with my insane submission mission for the year…. This February was so much better than last year's, my 2017 submission total for February was a measly 13! Which isn't unusual, as submission opportunities are often hard to come by in February, they tend to pick up a bunch in March. But as I'm taking no prisoners this year I didn't leave a stone unturned in order to find every single theater/festival/residency/publisher looking for plays - AND IT PAID OFF! This month I submitted as much as I submitted last month, which is a total of FORTY EIGHT scripts! I'm on track to slay my submission mission for the year, and I'm only four plays away from having sent out 100 scripts for the year! In only two months!

Last March I sent out 64 scripts, the most I've ever gotten out in a month. Here's to hoping I smash that and make it to over 150 submissions before April.

I want to give a shout-out to some of the blogs, facebook pages, websites, and other resources helping me with my productivity!

A HUGE and HEARTY thank you to…

Now it's time to get to back to work!

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