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Chicago Was Amazing!!!

March 12, 2018

Cast of 20% Theatre Company's reading of ONCE A SPY. Cast of the 20% Theatre Company Chicago reading of ONCE A SPY: (from left to right) Laura Harrison, Danny Gadaj, Malcom Callan, Ashlyn Lozano, Arie Thompson, and Samantha Newcomb.

Home after my windy city adventure and I gotta say, Chicago sure knows how to show some wonderful hospitality! Every theater artist I met and/or worked with when I was in town was so lovely and open, the food was DELICIOUS, and though it was cold as hell, the flat-flat streets of Chicago made the 29.45 miles I walked/ran over the four days I was there easy as pie. I'm still a little amazed at being some place so flat, it was the most surprising part of my visit, I didn't know there were places without any hills! But that's been the really fun part of all this playwright for travel bit, I get to experience a ton of new parts of the country.

ANYway, back to all the theater-goodness! We had nightly rehearsals of ONCE A SPY, with rewrites and discoveries happening every step of the way. My director, Erin Kraft, was a joy to work with. Not only did she challenge and push me and the material, she worked hard to help me experience one significant theatrical moment of the play, even with all the limitations involved with staged readings, and her hard work really paid off. I am so thankful to 20% Theatre Company Chicago for giving me this development opportunity, but also for connecting me with a director whom I hope to work with again and again. 20% Theatre's literary manager, Rachel Bykowski, not only handled all the organization of the reading, but also asked me insightful questions about the structure of the play, which has lit a fire under my butt for rewrites. AND, of course, my wonderful cast! Laura Harrison, Danny Gadaj, Malcom Callan, Ashlyn Lozano, Arie Thompson, and Samantha Newcomb gave me many nights, and many dialects, and I appreciate their time, talent, and efforts so much. Developing new plays is my favorite, but meeting new theater artists is a close second, and last week had both, so thank you again 20% and the Universe for making all of this happen!

Literary manager, Rachel Bykowski, director of the reading, Erin Kraft, and myself getting tasty food after the reading of ONCE A SPY. Literary manager of 20% Theatre Company Chicago, Rachel Bykowski, my wonderful director, Erin Kraft, and myself, enjoying delicious food after the ONCE A SPY reading Saturday night.

20% Theatre Company Chicago's Darkroom Series continues for two more Saturdays this month, be sure to check out AFROCENSORED by Amira Danan on Saturday March 24th, and HOT MESS SUNDAE by Allee Wulfekuhle on Saturday March 31st!

Three cheers for new plays!!!

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