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Over The Weekend Play Recommendations!

April 16, 2018

As I predicted, I was off my game a bit over the weekend, hard to read and recommend plays with little ones (or in my case, not so little ones) running around screaming all the time. Actually, they hardly do that anymore, now they're both nose deep in Harry Potter and so it's non-stop Harry Potter questions, and/or playing chess. Which, as it turns out, also makes it hard for me to read and recommend plays. AND, I was seeing plays (which were pretty great!); JUMP by Austin Archer at Plan-B (it was wonderful and it closed so if you missed it, you missed out!), and FUN HOME at Salt Lake Acting Company (talk about an amazing script!).

But I did manage to read and recommend some new work on the New Play Exchange and I really loved what I read… Here are my newest new play recommendations:

Hoping to read and recommend a ton this week, though I'm also hoping to finish a first draft of a new TYA one-act, submit a fun-ton, and seeing a little musical you might have heard of; HAMILTON! So we'll see…

Happy Monday everyone!!

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