Rachel Bublitz


Eyes On The Prize: More More More New Play Recommendations On The New Play Exchange

April 25, 2018

I was reading and recommending plays last night, and my husband asked me if the button from the National New Play Network was a little emblem that would go on our New Play Exchange profile, and when I corrected him and let him know it was an actual physical button, he responded: “Ooooh, like a medal!” And now I want it even more! So I've kicked it into a higher gear and have been reading, reading, reading my mornings and evenings away, and writing, writing, writing recommendations for all that I enjoy.

Here's what I've recommended so far this week:

Discovering all these different voices and artists has been a secret prize in this month long reading challenge. And with only five days left, I can't wait to see who else I read and fall in love with.

Yay reading new plays!

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