Rachel Bublitz


Apr 26, 2018

RadioActive Interview Now Available To Stream

We were on the radio last night, we were interviewed by one of Laura Jone’s co-hosts, Billy Palmer and their intern/show co-host Isabella Sabala! The cast absolutely killed the scenes, they were so great! You can click above to listen in, our interview was shifted a bit and we start right at 32:33 and finish out the episode.

Here are the cast members who joined us to share their vocal talent on air:

  • Amanda Green (Gilda, school dork and heroine)
  • Lindsay Miller (Leslie, cheerleader)
  • Kat Moss (Maya, cheerleader)
  • Amanda Rossi (Samantha, cheerleader)
  • Katherine Ward (Margaret, cheerleader)
  • Gemma Feltovich (Mindy, only female on football team)
  • Zach Mazzie (Epsilon, friendly alien)

KRCL's RadioActive participants for April 25, 2018.

If you’re looking for more info on the whole show, visit the RadioActive page on KRCL.org! That was so fun, when do I get to be on the radio again??

Happy Thursday everyone!

(P.S. I leave for Detroit tomorrow!)