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May 3, 2018

One week from today the world premiere production of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS opens with the Egyptian Youtheatre up in Park City, Utah! I am very excited, are you excited?

Promotional photo for the Egyptian Youtheatre production of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS, photo by Amy Livingston. (First row: Amanda Green (Gilda). Second row: Caroline Waldmann (Ali). Third row, left to right: Katherine Ward (Margaret) and Chelsea Cowley (Carol). Forth row, left to right: Lindsay Miller (Leslie), and Lily Malin (Maya). Aliens in the shadows: JT O’Reilly (Sirius), Anna Diamond (Gamma), and Mallory Kosiba (Canopus). Photo by Amy Livingston.)

And you don't have to just take my word for it that CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS is going to be an amazing time that you couldn't possibly miss, read these wonderful recommendations it's received on the New Play Exchange:

"This play excites me so much I might BURST!!! Having worked in high school and middle school theatre education I have long bemoaned the lack of quality scripts for young actors where they get to play characters their own age. Along comes this hilarious, whimsical play with a large cast of mostly females (which rocks since they are the vast majority of members of school theatre programs) to save the day!!! Not only are there a bunch of roles for girls but they are 3 dimensional characters!!! Will be recommending to all my theatre educator friends.” -Shaun Leisher, freelance dramaturge, director, producer, and nominator of new works for The Kilroys.

"You have to love a play where the football players are the victims and the cheerleaders are their saviors. There's a lot of silliness combined with teen-speak, snarky dialogue that perfectly captures the teen spirit. I loved the constant element of surprise that awaited me with every page turn. Bublitz deftly steers away from the jock/mean girl stereotype that often peppers these plays and offers us some real teens: warts and all. The play is a wonderful tin-foil romp through the stars. Teen performers and young audiences will love this.” -Claudia Haas, widely produced and published playwright who focuses on theatre for young audiences.

I have been told by a very reliable source that the Egyptian Youtheatre shows sell out 100% of the time. So if you haven't purchased a ticket, NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Here are the details and ticket link:

CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS by Rachel Bublitz, directed by Alicia Washington

Get your CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS tickets here!

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