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Exciting Things In The Works....

May 15, 2018

I've got multiple amazing announcements that I have to sit on until the details have been worked out. I also have to wait to post all the beautiful shots from the production of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS…. Waiting, isn't exactly my thing, but as I really don't have a choice, so… Wait I must.

In the meantime I'll be finishing a draft on a new one-act, and revising three of my full-length plays. That should keep me busy. It should make it easier for me not to feel the itchy need to jump on my blog and/or social media and tell the world all about the cool stuff that's coming up for me…. It really really should. So, I'm going to get to that now….

Oh, but wait! Check out the beautiful button I got from the National New Play Network:

“I heart new plays” NNPN button.

I love it.

But back to reality…. Stay tuned for both the wonderful news that I hope to share soon, AND production photos from CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS!

Hooray (?), I think this entry takes the cake for the most dis-jointed and vague post on my blog to date.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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