Rachel Bublitz


Favorite Writing Tunes

May 25, 2018

Hello and happy Friday!

I have one of those rare and wonderful days where my kids will be taken care of by other people until 5pm (an early Christmas miracle)! I have big BIG plans to get some work taken care of, including tackling my #submissionmission and finally finishing the first draft of a new TYA one-act. On writing/working days like these I gotta bring out the big guns music wise to keep my fingers tapping and the words flowing, here are some of my favorites tunes to write to:

For serious writing-writing: first drafts and major rip-apart rewrites:

For submission-ing:

For those times I want to write, ugly cry, and sing at the top of my lungs (and off key), I have special and specific songs:

…. And now you know all my music secrets. What are your go-to writing tunes?

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