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SO Close To A Performance For Each Month of 2018!

June 13, 2018

After learning the dates for the reading of RIPPED with Nasty Theatre Company this July I realized that I'll have had a work of mine performed publicly every month of 2018 through August! Right now I'm only missing September, November, and December to have the whole year… Obviously not a time to slow down in my #submissionmission!

Here's what's been up so far, and the things scheduled for the rest of the year:


HAPPILY, full length, staged reading with Quantum Dragon Theatre‘s Forge Reading Series.


PEPE LE PEW, one-minute, production with the Fast & Furious Festival at Stage Left Theater.
MY BODY, ten-minute, staged reading with KCACTF Region 7‘s 2018 Conference.


ONCE A SPY, full-length, workshop and staged reading with 20% Theatre Company Chicago.


RIPPED, full-length, staged reading with Outvisible Theatre Company, and winner of the Detroit New Works Festival!
LEAN IN WITH LIZ!, ten-minute, staged reading with Clamour Theatre Company.
THE SONGS OF HELL, ten-minute, staged reading with Cupcake Lady Productions’ night of Rotten Theatre.


CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS, full-length, production with Egyptian Youtheatre.
MY BODY, ten-minute, production with Horatio Productions.


MY BODY, ten-minute, production with Artistic Vibes.
SWALLOWED, ten-minute, staged reading with City Theatre.


RIPPED, full-length, staged readings with Nasty Theatre Company.
RIPPED, full-length, staged reading with Bristol Valley Theater.


TBA Play (secrets!), ten-minute, production with Plan-B Theatre.


Need a reading or production!


MY BODY, ten-minute, production with ReproRights! and B8 Theatre Company.


Need a reading or production!


Need a reading or production!

So come at me theaters and producers, let's work together to get me a full year of work up in front of an audience! After all, I've only got three months to fill. To see your options, check out my page on the New Play Exchange right here! There are a lot of plays to chose from.

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