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Sending a New Play Out in the World

June 19, 2018

I have a new play! Well, I've had it since October of last year, but I have a new draft of this new play, one that I am pumped about. BURST is my first full-length to be told in one scene (and in real-time). It also has three characters, one of whom is an amazing anti-hero making me only want to write characters like her from now until forever, and not that this is a woman's play, but all three of the characters are in fact women (a joke that will make so much more sense to you after you read the play). Here's a bit more about BURST:

"On the brink of her next round of funding, Sarah Boyd, Founder and CEO of Tactix, must hold her company together through a pesky journalist's questions and glaring doubts thrown her way surrounding the promises her company has made. It's a heavy load, and Sarah knows that she is the only one great enough to bear it.”

I'm sending it out all over the play, trying to get it polished up for the big Fall submission season, and I could use both eyes and notes on it, AND/OR a reading. If any of the above sounded interesting to you, you can help me….

  1. Read BURST on the New Play Exchange and if you like it, give it a recommendation! If you did't like it, email me with your thoughts!
  2. If you have a theater or just a lot of moxie, help me put together a reading of this bad boy in front of an audience! I'd love to get at least one in before or near September to really get it up to snuff for submission season. Please email me if this is something you'd be interested in!

Okay folks, back to kid-summering…. My eight year old son is currently making pancakes by himself for the first time and I fear the kitchen will never be the same…

Happy Tuesday!

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