Rachel Bublitz


July SubmissionMission Tally

August 1, 2018

It is August 1st which means TWO things…. 31 Plays in 31 Days has kicked off and it's time to start writing a play a day this month AND it's time to check in on my #SubmissionMission tally for July! Wow, we are busy today, aren't we?

Last month I dragged through most of it but rallied at the very end to reach FIFTY TWO SUBMISSIONS! Which is huge, huge, huge, considering summer tends to be a slow for opportunities. And with 52 submissions in July my #SubmissionMission total for 2018 is up to 378! I am coming for you #SubmissionMission, if I keep on track I'll blow my previous submitting records out of the water and I can't wait.

Hooray! Happy first day of the month everyone!

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