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July New Play Exchange Recommendations

August 2, 2018

Summer has been busy for me beyond just a working respect… Having both of my kids home has kept me on my toes. But after my millionth swim practice, I realized something… I could be reading plays and recommending them on the New Play Exchange instead of just staring at my kids swimming in circles. I blame the smell of chlorine that kept me from this obvious answer for so long.

Here's what I got to reading and recommending last month, mostly poolside:

Emily Dickinson Talks to God, Now by Lee Lawing
I'm Having the Worst Day by Emily Hageman
A Different Sense of Place by Jordan Elizabeth Henry
Come Here by Ricardo Soltero-Brown
Incredibly Cute by Rachael Carnes
RABIOSA: An Ode to Hurricane Maria by Nelson Diaz-Marcano
Act With 14 Words by Lydia Blaisdell
To The Grind by Adriano Cabral
form of a girl unknown by Charly Evon Simpson
Ernie Evan by Elana Gartner
Mercy Killing by Alandra Hileman
Cowboy by Gracie Gardner
Golden Boys by Gracie Gardner
Coconut by Gracie Gardner
Hate Baby by Gracie Gardner
A Boys Guide To Brutal Honesty by Jessica Austgen
The Universe on Ice by Maury Zeff
Simple & Elegant by Evelyn Jean Pine
It's Always the Quiet Ones by Sharai Bohannon
More Than the Animals by Gina Femia
A'nat Dittni by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm
I Will Be Gone by Erin Courtney
What Happened at the Dolphin Show by Miranda Rose Hall

I'm at swim practice a lot.

Happy Thursday!

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