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Publication In YouthPLAYS Anthology

August 8, 2018

My ten-minute TYA play NO TALKING ALLOWED! has been published with YouthPLAYS as a stand alone piece, AND in an anthology! It's a fun and silly short piece for performers of all ages.

Here's the synopsis for NO TALKING ALLOWED!:

“Jordan gets kicked out of class for talking. But a zero on the test may be the least of Jordan’s problems when a pencil starts to talk—and then a locker and a mop and a slew of other inanimate objects. Maybe Jordan’s going crazy, but Jordan’s not the only one, as soon a hall monitor, the custodian, a teacher and the principal join in as they try to get to the bottom of all the yammering in this comedy inspired by an African folk tale.”

The anthology, It's Elementary! Twelve Short Plays for Upper Elementary Actors also includes plays by: Nicole B. Adkins, Robin Blasberg, Matt Buchanan, Catherine Castellani, Annie Harrison Elliott, Claudia Haas, Arthur M. Jolly, Laura King, Meredith Dayna Levy, Anne Negri, and Isabella Russell-Ides.

Here's more about the anthology:

“Twelve short plays offer a varied and flexible collection of performance opportunities for upper elementary students. With fast-paced, large-cast comedies that range from clever to downright wacky, meaty dramatic challenges for more advanced actors or something in between, the plays of It’s Elementary! are there to entertain while exploring age-appropriate concerns. Whether it’s navigating an unfamiliar environment, coping with learning differences at school or taking on new responsibilities, this collection has something to offer every young actor.”

You can buy both versions on the YouthPLAYS website (youthplays.com), by searching my last name, OR following these handy-dandy links:

It's Elementary! Twelve Short Plays for Upper Elementary Actors

Perfect gift for the theater kid, educator, and/or enthusiast in your life!

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