Rachel Bublitz


Sep 5, 2018

August New Play Exchange Recommendations

I did not read and recommend a ton of plays last month on the New Play Exchange, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ones that I did! Here’s a list of my August recommendations, please read, recommend, and PRODUCE these plays in a theater near me…

Stand” by Matthew Ivan Bennett
Little Happy Secrets” by Melissa Leilani Larson
Temp” by Nicholas Dunn
Missives” by Elizabeth A. M. Keel
BUG STUDY” by Emma Goldman-Sherman
Storm Clouds for Lonely Hearts” by Quinn Xavier Hernandez
A Murder of Crows” by Lee Lawing

I’m very excited to be back to my normal schedule which allows for more reading. It is so INSPIRING and ENCOURAGING to have so many INCREDIBLE new plays at my fingertips. If you haven’t given it a try, come on and jump on this train (and start with the great plays listed above)!

Happy Wednesday!