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My Current Writing Ticket

September 17, 2018

My writing ticket is pretty filled up these days. I love it while also wishing for more naps. Such is the life of a writer… Or at least, this writer. I'm like that quintessential image of the angry and drunk male writer, except I will take a blanket over whiskey, making dinner for my kiddos instead of yelling at anyone who enters my writing space, and I am female. Otherwise, it's basically the same.

And I am BUSY with all the letters capitalized. Right now (or write now?) I'm working on:

First draft of RED DAYS, a brand new coming-of-age full-length plays about mothers and daughters and air pollution. Hoping to have a first draft by Friday.

New pages for BURST, which I heard yesterday during rehearsal at Salt Lake Acting Company and am SO in love with. We have our next rehearsal Sunday, so those are due before then.

New draft of my theater for young audiences play for Plan-B Theatre‘s 2020 school tour, PRESENTING: SUPER CAT AND REPTILE ROBOT IN THE TERRIBLE TICKLE TROUBLE, which I just heard last Saturday in the Playwrights Lab and am still smiling about.

AND a first draft for NIGHT WITCHES, which I'm still in the middle of researching.

AND AND coming up: probably tinkers with RIPPED during the Problematic Play Festival at Z Space in San Francisco - reading October 13th! And a new new new play that I've been kicking around for two years now.

I think I have it under control. I'll just nap when I'm dead I guess.

Happy Monday and happy writing to all my fellow writers out there!

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