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Workshop and Reading This December with Phoenix Theatre Ensemble in New York City!

September 21, 2018

Exciting extravagant excitement!

I just signed on to have a public workshop this coming December in New York City with Phoenix Theatre Ensemble! I'd already had a trip planned to New York City, and so I will also be attending the performance! And and and, the theme is short work inspired by Charles Dickens, a writer I love, and so the whole thing feels like fate.

The other fantastic writers involved in the workshop are the amazing Topher Cusumano, who has been running 31 Plays 31 Days like a champion ever since Tracy Held Potter and I passed him the baton, and Ashley Lauren Rogers, a playwright I've been reading and admiring from afar via the New Play Exchange! And there might an additional amazing playwright or two added to this already kick-butt line-up!

The public reading is scheduled for December 15th at Downtown Arts at 7pm! If you're in New York, I hope to see you there! (Don't worry, there will be reminders between now and then!)

But this ALSO means that I WILL HAVE HAD A PUBLIC PERFORMANCE OF MY WORK IN EVERY MONTH OF THIS CALENDAR YEAR! I DID IT! Submitting way too much has its benefits! More details on this magical occurrence are coming, something of this magnitude deserves it's own post, so stay tuned!

Happy Friday! We made it through another week!

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