Rachel Bublitz


September SubmissionMission Total

October 1, 2018

Time to bust out your jack-o-lantern and leave those spiderwebs be for ambiance because it is OCTOBER! Which means, time to check in on that ol’ #SubmissionMission! I’m pretty happy with the amount of scripts I got out this past month, though it’s low for my Septembers in general….

We’re in the middle of submission season currently with the O’Neill National Playwright Conference, Great Plains Theatre Conference, PlayPenn, Seven Devils Theatre Conference, Playwrights Foundation, Berkeley Rep’s Ground Floor, Sundance Theatre Lab, New Harmony Project and more taking their annual submissions right around now-ish, but I’ve been kept incredibly busy with rehearsals, teaching, writing, and rewriting. Luckily I still found time (perhaps I’ve been submitting in my sleep?) to get some submissions out, my number for the month of September was 59! Nothing to be ashamed about, for sure, but other Septembers I’ve gotten into the 80’s…. But, but, but, adding the 59 scripts sent out this month to my total through August my yearly total for submissions is at 500!

500 freaking scripts!

Which is way, way, way more than any other year, and I’ve still got three more months until it’s over. #SubmissionMission, I am about to eviscerate you.

Happy Monday!

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