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September New Play Exchange Recommendations

October 2, 2018

Adding on to the submitting, writing, rewriting, rehearsing, and teaching, I also am at my kids’ swim practice a lot. It’s pretty boring stuff, which makes me thankful that the New Play Exchange exists. While my children lap the pool, I get to read and recommend amazing new plays, basically we’re all winning.

During the month of September, here are the plays I got around to reading and recommending:

Family Planning by John Minigan
A Driving Beat by Jordan Ramirez Puckett
Pick Me Up by Rachel Lynett
Surprise by Mark Harvey Levine
Time by Bleu Beckford-Burrell
Thrasher by Nick Malakhow
On Staying Indoors by Haley Nelson
Inosculation by Siena Marilyn Ledger
Talk to Me About Home (a ten minute play) by Eugenie Carabatsos
Most Wonderful by Jennifer O'Grady
How Are We Doing? by Jessica Moss
The Conversation by Maggie Wilson
Bird Brains by Jennifer Kokai
The Miracle of the Chuppah by Gwydion Suilebhan
Storm on Storm by Gary Garrison
Woke by Avery Sharpe
Buried by Audrey Webb
A Poison Squad of Whispering Women by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos
Super Mythology Girl Tells a Scary Story by Lojo Simon
Bodies by Rachel Bykowski
The Condemned, a Monologue by Francis Boyle
Date with Death by Steven Hayet
Egg Timer by Cristina Luzárraga
Dance Again: A Brief Choreopoem for the Brown Boys of Orlando by Emilio Rodriguez

What new play have you recently fallen in love with?

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