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October SubmissionMission Total

November 1, 2018

Happy November blog readers!

October was SO quick! I blinked and then it was gone. It might be because I was writing a brand new full length play (RED DAYS), working on RIPPED through the Problematic Play Fest at Z Space in San Francisco, still teaching, still mom-ing, and out of the four weekends of October, I was only home for one of them… Yeah that might have something to do with it. Thankfully my November plans are much more laid back with only one out of town trip up to Jackson Hole for Thanksgiving. This weekend I want to either do nothing, sleep for a million years, only leave my house to go for long quiet walks, or a combination of those three things.

Oh wait! I also submitted play in October for that good ol’ #SubmissionMission! Not as many as other months, like I said, October was a doozy, but as it is mid-submission season I also couldn't very well ignore all those submission calls! And during the month of October my total number of scripts sent out was……………………………. 32!

Which brings my 2018 #SubmissionMission total up to 532! I have to pick it up a bit if I want to get to 600 before 2019 rolls in…. Will I make it? Be sure to check back in and find out!

Time to get to it!

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