Rachel Bublitz


October New Play Exchange Recommendations!

November 2, 2018

In October I passed a really special milestone…. I met and passed my 200th new play recommendation on the New Play Exchange! That's so many new plays! It makes me so happy to have thousands and thousands of brand new plays ready to go at my fingertips. Thank you New Play Exchange!!

And for the month of October, here are the plays I read and recommended:

My Cannibal Summer by Claire Rice
Girlfriends by Lojo Simon
I Don't Drink At Parties (a monologue) by Liv Matthews
The Resolute by Gabrielle Sinclair
Sparse Pubic Hair by Lorraine Midanik
Cam Baby by Jessica Moss
THE BIG RIDE by Stephanie Alison Walker
Tight End by Rachel Bykowski

Please, please, please read and produce these plays! And please do it somewhere near me…

What plays have you read and fallen in love with through New Play Exchange lately?

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