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A Calendar Year FULL of Public Performances!

November 9, 2018

I did it!

For this year I will have had a public performance of my work in every single month!!!

My wild and crazy #SubmissionMission is to blame of course, at least partly, because I've gotten at least half a dozen requests through folks finding my work on the New Play Exchange and sending me a requests… And probably also my general habit of throwing caution to the wind and asking for things I want (something I highly recommend!).

Anyway, here's a full list of all the public performances I've had this year and what's still to come:


HAPPILY, full length, staged reading with Quantum Dragon Theatre‘s Forge Reading Series.


PEPE LE PEW, one-minute, production with the Fast & Furious Festival at Stage Left Theater.
MY BODY, ten-minute, staged reading with KCACTF Region 7‘s 2018 Conference.


ONCE A SPY, full-length, workshop and staged reading with 20% Theatre Company Chicago.


RIPPED, full-length, staged reading with Outvisible Theatre Company, and winner of the Detroit New Works Festival!
LEAN IN WITH LIZ!, ten-minute, staged reading with Clamour Theatre Company.
THE SONGS OF HELL, ten-minute, staged reading with Cupcake Lady Productions’ night of Rotten Theatre.


CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS, full-length, production with Egyptian Youtheatre.
MY BODY, ten-minute, production with Horatio Productions.


MY BODY, ten-minute, production with Artistic Vibes.


RIPPED, full-length, staged readings with Nasty Theatre Company.
RIPPED, full-length, staged reading with Bristol Valley Theater.
REALLY ADULT, ten-minute, production with Wet Paint New Play Festival.


SWALLOWED, ten-minute, staged reading with City Theatre.
THE FINAL DEBATE, ten-minute, production with Plan-B Theatre.
BURST, full-length, reading with R.E.A.C.H. at Utah Shakespeare Festival.


BURST, full-length, staged reading with Salt Lake Acting Company.
MY BODY, short monologue, reading with Want Change? Vote!: Artists Demanding Action.


RIPPED, full-length, staged reading with the Problematic Play Festival at Z Space.
RIPPED, full-length, production with Case Western Reserve University's premiere student theater club, Players’ Theatre Group.
MY BODY, ten-minute, production with ReproRights! and B8 Theatre Company.


REALLY ADULT, ten-minute, production with Pine Manor College's Performing Arts Program.
EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, ten-minute, production with Utah New Works Theatre Project.
THE GARDEN, ten-minute, reading with Utah New Works Theatre Project.


MY BODY, ten-minute, production with Iowa State University's Theatre Department.
MOM'S HAM, ten-minute, workshop and reading with Phoenix Theatre Ensemble.

MY BODY, is by far my most produced and performed play, but RIPPED is starting to give it a run for its money, which I'm so excited about considering RIPPED is a full-length play. Anyway 2018 has been pretty great for me and my #SubmissionMission. Will my luck keep up in 2019?… We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Happy Friday everyone!

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