Rachel Bublitz


First Draft of THE NIGHT WITCHES Complete!

November 29, 2018

I know I still have many drafts in front of me, as well as more research, but I am nevertheless ecstatic to have completed my first draft of my commissioned play THE NIGHT WITCHES this week! Just under the wire too, as it's due December 1st!

THE NIGHT WITCHES is a commission from the Egyptian Youtheatre in Park City, they also commissioned CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS. It's very exciting to be asked back and for a very very different type of project. Where CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS was all about the campy and comedic, THE NIGHT WITCHES is a history play about the first women to fly in combat. They became known as the Night Witches because of one of their stealth tactics while flying planes for Soviet Russia during World War Two. Not only is the subject and tone like night and day, but I'm experimenting a lot with movement and spoken word in THE NIGHT WITCHES as well, which comes with both excitement and fear of failing miserably. But right now, for this little moment, it's fresh and new and I can worry all about what is and isn't working later.

THE NIGHT WITCHES will be receive a World Premiere Production this summer (that's TWO World Premieres for my work so far in 2019!)! Hoping to announce more details soon, so check back for updates.

Happy Thursday!

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