Rachel Bublitz


Dec 3, 2018

November New Play Exchange Recommendations

I read SO MANY PLAYS in November….. Most of which were not on the New Play Exchange. Last month I was a reader for a ten-minute play competition and had over 60 plays on my assigned to me. It was fun to be on the other side of things, but it limited the amount I could read and recommend on the New Play Exchange for sure. BUT, what I did get to I really loved….

Here are all the plays I recommended last month:

And actually, seeing them all listed I’m realizing that those are all full-length plays and I’m feeling much better at the amount of work I recommended in November, recommending five full-lengths in a month ain’t bad at all. Anyway, go and read these plays! You will not be disappointed.

Three cheers for new plays!!! And three cheers for the New Play Exchange!!!