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Young, Hot, and Dickensian December 15th in NYC!

December 5, 2018

Poster for Young, Hot, & Dickensian.

Young, Hot, & Dickensian at Phoenix Theatre Ensemble is coming up lightning fast, if you’re in or near New York City, or really like to travel the world for great new plays, mark your calendar as busy for December 15th! Four playwrights, one of which was me, had the opportunity to take a crack at one of Dickens’ classic works and on Saturday the 15th you'll watch actors cast out of a bag and then perform the plays right there on the spot. There will also be a quick chat with each of the playwrights before their play is performed.

My ten-minute lose adaptation of “A Christmas Carol,” MOM'S HAM, will be second in the line-up, and I will be there in New York City to watch all the madness with you! The line-up is also full-up with great work by Ashley Lauren Rogers, Topher Cusumano, and Matthew James Sowell.

Show is at 7pm and will be at Downtown Art

RSVP and get more info on the evening right here!

So it's a date, I'll see you December 15th!

Photo of the playwrights for Young, Hot, & Dickensian. (Starting in the top left corner and moving clockwise: Ashley Lauren Rogers, Rachel Bublitz, Topher Cusumano, Matthew James Sowell)

Happy Wednesday!

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