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Happy New Year! Time to check 2018 numbers...

January 2, 2019

Happy 2019! And with the new year, old challenges come to a close… Who out there is curious about how I did on my #SubmissionMission? I submitted more material in 2018 than I ever had in a calendar year, and though I didn't obtain my stretch goal of 600 scripts, I did make it past the original challenge of 500. But what was the exact number? Time to calculate….

(Insert your favorite counting related song…)

In December I submitted twenty eight scripts, and adding that on to my previous total I get….


Five hundred and seventy four scripts, proposals, and/or samples sent out over the last twelve months. I was so close to my stretch goal! C'est la vie. I'd say there's always this year, but this year I have a VERY different #SubmissionMission in store…. I won't be counting. For the first time… Ever. It may drive me insane, OR it may give me a bit more time to concentrate on writing, only time will tell!

And don't you worry, I still have a challenge for myself for 2019 all ready to go. Check back Friday to see what I'm throwing myself into.

Happy Wednesday!

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