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2019 Goal: 52 Plays by Women

January 4, 2019

The new year brings new goals, and this year I'm challenging myself to see or read a play by a woman, womxn, woman+ playwright once a week for a year. And I'm not alone, #52playsbywomen is a challenge you can partake in too!

I'm starting this awesome challenge with JUMP by Charly Evon Simpon which I read on the New Play Exchange. And wow, what a phenomenal play! Charly Evon Simpson is such a wonderful playwright, I love reading and falling more in love with her work. Here's the rec I posted on the New Play Exchange:

JUMP is gorgeous from beginning to end, it's no wonder it's being produced around the country. Simpson pulls you in immediately through her sparse and poetic dialogue, the rich relationships, and the deep character development. This is a play for sisters, for anyone who's ever lost someone, for people who walk on bridges, and for everyone who's considered what it'd be like to jump. I hope very much that it gets produced in a theater near me, I would love to see it fully staged.

I am VERY excited about all the reading and watching of new plays I have in store this year.

Happy Friday!

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