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52 Plays By Women Week Two

January 10, 2019

In case you hadn't heard, this year I have a goal to read or see a play by a woman, womxn, woman+ playwright once a week for this whole year. It's only week two and so far I think this goal is the best ever. Feel free to jump up on the bandwagon and join up!

For week two I read another brand new play on the New Play Exchange, Rachel Lynett‘s ABORTION ROAD TRIP…. Here's the recommendation I left for this fantastic play:

” I love this play. It feels like you're sitting on the couch with your best friend talking about everything and nothing when you read it. The characters are so complex and compelling, I would sit through many a road trip with any of them. The theatricality of time and space in this play is so brilliant. It's funny and sad and it made me think of the women and girls I've been close to and hope that I've done okay by them when they needed me. Please please produce this play immediately, somewhere near me! Wonderful work.”

This is the third or forth play of Rachel Lynett's I've had the pleasure of reading, I just love her style. Her characters feel like people I know, and she has this habit of getting you laughing and then hitting you with a heartbreaking moment and you're suddenly crying and you're not even sure why. This play in particular is just screaming to be produced.

What will I read next week? I've got a few ideas, check back to see what I select!

Happy Thursday!

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