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52 Plays By Women Week Four: LA MUJER BARBUDA by Christina Luzárraga

January 21, 2019

Currently watching snow blanketing my neighborhood, but luckily I don't have to go out there to read plays! This week for 52 Play by Women I read Christina Luzárraga's LA MUJER BARBUDA, which I found on the New Play Exchange. I've read shorter works from Luzárraga, so it was really exciting to pick up a full-length and see what her work looks like in long form. And I found out that I'm a big fan!

LA MUJER BARBUDA is a strange and wonderful play, one that messes with time in space, and takes on the complicated emotions after having a baby. Here's my full recommendation from the New Play Exchange:

"Motherhood can be a hard transition, but this surprised me when I had my first child because mostly what we’re shown are euphoric women happy crying while staring at their babies. I wish I’d had a play like this to read or see to know that all those conflicting feelings weren’t wrong, and also that I wasn’t alone. This play is dark, funny, and strange. Luzárraga handles time, space, and language in a very creative way, and a huge hell yes to more breastfeeding on stage!”

You can find more of Christina Luzárraga‘s work on her New Play Exchange profile, and I highly recommend you do!

Happy reading, and happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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