Rachel Bublitz


First Production for BREAK ROOM

January 23, 2019

My one-act play BREAK ROOM, written for the 2015 San Francisco Olympians Festival, has been selected for Winthrop University's Spring One Acts happening this April! A directing student found the play on the New Play Exchange (thank you again New Play Exchange!) and I granted them rights to put on the play!

BREAK ROOM was inspired by the Greek witch, Circe. In my conception of the play I thought a lot about how our society sexualizes young women, and then punishes them for acting out that sexuality. It is a coming of age story in which my main character is forced to come of age far too quickly. I hope the students of Winthrop University find it a fulfilling and challenging story to tell, and I am so thrilled that they came searching for new work and stumbled upon my play.

I have more exciting things to announce on the horizon, so stay tuned!

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