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Hot Off The Presses: Three New Drafts Up on New Play Exchange

January 25, 2019

I've been a very busy playwright, getting new drafts done left and right. In the past few weeks I've revised THREE new plays, and all are ready for public consumption on the New Play Exchange! Here's what's new:

Burst, full length

Sarah Boyd is an extraordinary human being. Not only did she build her company from scratch using nothing but willpower and fortitude, she also sits on the precipice of truly saving this planet. Because on top of being one of the fastest growing tech companies in history, Tactix, with Sarah at its helm, will usher this planet into the post-plastic era. A time where we need not worry or fret over the great destruction being done to our world from this non-biodegradable foe. With her eyes steady on her next round of funding, Sarah must persevere through a late night interview with a particularly tough reporter, a lawsuit aimed at a person from her past, and the waffling of her CTO. It's a heavy load, and Sarah knows that she is the only one great enough to bear it.

Presenting: Super Cat & Reptile Robot in The Tremendous Tickle Trouble, TYA one act

On the brink of the most wonderful/awesome/amazing sleep-over in recorded history two friends grapple with who gets to call the shots and how to tell someone tickling just isn't your thing.

PRESENTING: SUPER CAT & REPTILE ROBOT IN THE TREMENDOUS TICKLE TROUBLE will be produced in Plan-B Theatre‘s 2020 season as the elementary school touring show.

Red Days, full length

As the air quality in Salt Lake climbs to crisis levels, we follow Dianna through four seasons, trying to balance school, her running team, and pursuing her passion. But as she nears the end of her senior year, she's forced to decide if her running dream truly belongs to her, or if it's more her mother's, while around her the serious effects of the air quality wreak havoc on those athletes who dare breath hard in the open air.

RED DAYS will receive a workshop and a staged reading next month in Eugene Oregon in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 7 Conference.

If any of these strike your fancy, be sure to click on over to the New Play Exchange and give them a read. And feel free to recommend any (or all!) if you like what you see! If you're not on the New Play Exchange, but would like a perusal copy of any of the above mentioned scripts, email me and I'll zap a pdf your way with the speed of gmail.

Next on my plate for revision: THE NIGHT WITCHES…. The life of a playwright is full of next drafts.

Happy Friday and happy writing!

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