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Sending CHEERLEADERS vs ALIENS Out to Hopefully Get Published

February 6, 2019

Yesterday I did a huge submission blast of my full-length high school sci-fi comedy CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS for publication. As far as I can tell getting this baby published is my best shot at getting it in the hands of high school drama teachers across the country… And now I wait! It's more than a little nerve wracking, because I want the best for this play… Do I go with my first offer? Do I wait to see if one of the bigger publishers I sent it to bites? What if I make the wrong choice? IS there even a wrong choice? I guess no one could want it, then I won't be making an choices, now will I? What if no one wants my play???…..

Stay tuned as I answer all these questions and more.

ALSO, are you a TYA publisher who magically didn't get CHEERLEADERS VS. AIENS from me? OR are you interested in producing with your youth group, high school, and/or college? Email me and I'll put a pdf in your inbox asap.

Happy Wednesday! And for those of you who got hit by this winter storm, happy snow day!

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