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52 Plays by Women Week Seven: FOR THE LOVE OF Gina Femia

February 16, 2019

I purchased a fun-ton of new plays when I was out in New York this past December at the Drama Book Store. This week for 52 Plays by Women, I cracked one of them open…. FOR THE LOVE OF (OR, THE ROLLER DERBY PLAY) by Gina Femia. I have been a HUGE fan of Femia's work for about a year now, I stumbled upon her short plays on the New Play Exchange last April, and have read through a TON of them. Her writing is smart and funny and unflinching. And her play FOR THE LOVE OF is no different. Here's my recommendation from the New Play Exchange:

"FOR THE LOVE OF is passionate, funny, sexy, and determined. Being an artist in theater, the concept of doing something for the love of it, and not any for money or success, really grabbed me. The seamless moving in and out of roller derby and life gives the play a fierce theatricality. The dancing! I would LOVE to see this play produced, and with a cast of nine diverse women, it's something that should be going up all over the country. Do yourself a favor and order a copy of this script…. Then produce it in a theater near me!”

Check back for what I dig into next week… I'm thinking it might be a radio play!….

Happy Saturday!

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